Hello Darlings,

Day 1: Spent relaxing poolside, after putting on this GORGEOUS swimmer by a new line featured at The Lash Bar. Let me tell you, those colors popped and got me going for Cinco de Mayo, which wasn’t even until the next day, so we changed.

Feeling pretty peppy after a nap that was supposed to last 45 minutes, we slept through dinner and decided to go out. We walked up the road past a few stray cattle, your grandma, the rest of the senior citizens, la policia federal; you know, the usual. After checking out the local bars and scene we met up with some friends staying at our same resort. Alice had the time of her life, laughing to no end! She tried her first glass of scotch while puffing on a real Cubano Cigar, all the while looking like a millenial mobster…wait, is that a thing? If not, she made it one and that night ended with me fishing for agua bottles, because drinking out of the toilet seemed like a bad idea. Other than that, muy bueno.
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