Hello Darlings,

Wednesday morning never began, because Tuesday night never ended. After staying up all night to get my spray tan and hair extension fix; the next thing you know my sister and I are driving, bags fully loaded to the Salt Lake City, UT airport to hop on a plane to Mexico. All black everything – car, clothing, baggage, even the morning air had yet to light up. After parking, we hop the shuttle to our terminal, catch our flight, and in no time are in the air. Little did we know we were in for the best flight ever. Seeing as our seats were literally back row, we were obviously first class as far as flying coach goes. And our Alaska Airlines flight attendants assured we felt nothing less than such. After a quick nap, my sister and I both woke up to our trays full of food. Who needs a five finger discount when everythings free 99? I woke up first and got to play ‘place the chocolate on the sleeping Alice’ and she didn’t wake up even one time. #win.

Btw this was my outfit for traveling, do you think it made my butt look big? Hope so.

At our layover in Los Angeles, CA we found the cutest Free People outfits for a certain day here. I still can’t even when I see them! Trust me, on a scale of 1 to 10, you won’t either. Hopping back on the plane, another first class coach flight (reeking of pee or maybe Alice? No one’s pointing fingers here), we were still treated A+.


I cannot even tell you how much more respect I have earned for Alaska Airlines from the flight here, maybe switching airlines? If Megan is guaranteed to be on every flight, I am guaranteed to make it happen! #sorrydelta  Looks like something you will be finding out on my next adventure. But back to the point. We head to customs and are luckily random check numero uno from our flight. Like, but why? Anyway, awesome job la policia federal because we passed with flying colors and headed out to be picked up. Little did we know, in Cabo, there are about 100 transportation companies with almost the exact same outfits, names and no hablo ingles. After asking “¿Donde Esta?” for almost an hour, we finally make it to the resort – and the fun begins. All inclusive EVERYTHING. Food, drinks, food, sand, ocean, food, bed bugs, oh did I mention food? Most accomodating staff, friendly vacationers, but let us get the elephant out of the room. Where are all the singles? Happy Birthday Vacation Alice but oops you booked us a family resort. When I said use my card to get you the trip of a lifetime, next time don’t worry so much about how many pesos we are saving and check out the resorts instagram location to see how many hotties are posting pics there👌🏼 Some good laughs though, because this time the joke really was on us. By the way as I haven’t mentioned yet, Alice is my younger sister who is turning 24 this month, so I let her choose a vacation spot. Early bday present, bday month, with life don’t hold it by the handlebars go big or stay home. We definitely went big.

Buenos nachos #avocado 🥑

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