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Day 2:  Alice wakes up to my bloodcurdling scream “Call extension 0! Call extension 0!” She sits up. No joke, a spider the size of my hand is crawling across the floor. At that point, we are both standing up in nothing but long tees, (because let’s be real, you can’t keep track of how much food you should have put back rather than devoured, when you’re not wearing any pants) and we are trying to be as modest as possible, as the janitorial staff come in to clean it out. After retrieving the spider, all I knew was that I needed to get my booty outside. In this moment we bolted from the room and went horseback riding first thing. Alice asked for horses and camels for her birthday, and I helped her receive. Camels?! What you may say? That is not a real thing. Keep reading and you have the opportunity to find out. But let us back track. Alice loved the morning horseback riding.

We rode with our new friend up and down the marina on some beautiful mares. Our guide let us take control, and being the strong independent woman that I am I knew I wanted to do this again and again. After this, our poolside shenanigans began. I relaxed with a good book, some music, and the oldest people you have ever seen in your life. Trust me they were a good time. Now when someone says adult pool, what comes to mind? Not senior citizens 55+ but more like young adults. Oh well. My sister got in the pool where we stayed until she looked like a lobster. After that we headed down to the beachside buffet, stuffed our faces because who doesn’t need more food at this point? Henna was next. Possibly the most expensive henna of my life, probably could have purchased two real tattoos, because this is what it ended up looking like…

And no joke 30 minutes later this is what it really looked like…

We came back to the room to take a nap and ride horses after. Now if you know me, you will learn how much I love my bed. So that 45 minute nap turned into a 3 hour one. Alice slept through the night and my horse back riding friend tried to make it into a real night (if ya know what I mean). When the words besos, cuerpa, novio and boobies are mentioned multiple times, that is when you evacuate the situation. No mas night rides on las cabellas para mi. Adios.

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  1. Hahaha…in spite of hurting me with the words about old people (I resemble that remark), I want your life. Okay, mine is great, but I love the intentions of your life. I vote for your continued wins. I will do whatever I may to help you have more wins with Lash Bar. Looking forward to chatting about what that might look like. And I’ll schedule a tan, to get a better sense of your business. Frits from the Lendio event. BTW – is your mom or dad a British celebrity? I mean this in a good way, but you have world changing celebrity written all over you – you’re doing good already, you have much more left.

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