Hello Darlings,

Day 4: Incredible day, elaborate plan you have no idea what you are about to be hit with. Alice sure didn’t. Me so tricksy you may as well call me Gollum (in other words, boys where’s my ring at precious?!) πŸ’ So I come up with this surprise with the tour guide at the hotel. Basically he is in on this plan that I have lost my Visa and my sister needs to accompany me to the airport to find it because it is so unsafe without it so obviously I need to get a new one. [Side note our taxi driver ripped us off at the Airport after previously making arrangements. Real bugged. Lesson numero uno, don’t let people walk all over…and by that I mean, let them let you get out of the taxi before they harrass you! πŸš• Back to the point] Inside of the airport I’m trying to distract Alice for like 45 minutes but she just won’t shut her flippin mouth. I pretend I need to use the loo about 5 times; which she’s questioning that, and keeps talking about where to go. But documentation says up there, why are we at arrivals-blah blah blah. My goodness I could not get that chatterbox to relax! At this point I am running out of reasons to keep her distracted. Finally I decide, “Hey go look at the rental cars, and choose which one you want!” She thinks I’ve just about lost my mind because in reality who wants to be driving the streets of Mexico?? Two single blonde girls? I don’t think so, they are just trying to eat up your cash money πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘. Alice decides to stare at the hottie renting out cars instead, which I’m okay with (hey we’re not getting a car or that guy so do all the looking that you want) and I roll with it, lean with it, rock with it because I pretend to go pee yet again. Hey I can’t help these Authentic Mexican food problemos πŸ˜‰ yet 5 minutes later I walk out of arrivals with my younger brother Matthew. With no idea, Alice’s entire face lights up to run across and hug him πŸ’• More than successful surprise? I think so. Let’s not give me a big head here, but that was legit a beautiful moment πŸ˜‡

After arriving back at the resort with an extremely happy family, my brother and I go into the ocean and play in the sand. For dinner we ate the Mexican buffet (don’t ask me what was in any of it) and watched a very cultural fire show.

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​After trying to decide where to go out, who to go out with, bed became the best option and we all fell soundly asleep. At least I did. Call me Sleeping Beauty cause I have no idea what everyone else was up to.

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