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Day 5: Here is really something for the books. CAMEL RIDING. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? If it’s that I’m going to pay 1,000,000 pesos to be taken to a back alley by a big bus and get stabbed, then we are all on the same page. Fortunately, (or unfortunately, however you choose to look at it) we made it to the camel ranch. By far the most amazing experience I have participated on this far! The hotel transports you to downtown Cabo where you then leave again to be transported to another destination! We end up in the desert,  yet along the beach, where the most fun and intelligent tour guide breaks the ice, sings songs and celebrates your presence in Mexico. First we rodd the camels, then we fed them, photographed, kissed, basically got as much action with a camel as I’ve had here in Mexico with a human. Ok I kid, that was definitely the most action I’ve had this whole trip.

Afterwards they explained to us the history of the camels, their background, and where they came from, but also beautiful the way they are treated here. They get more days off of work a week to not wear them out than most humans. Work one day, have the next day off! Should I become a camel? Because that lifestyle doesn’t sound so bad.

A buffet was also provided on location (again we won’t go into detail what was in it) where top brand Tequila tasting was optional. Of course I raised a water bottle and have no complaints. To be honest I was only there for the limes. This being my first camel excursion, I cannot say it will be my last. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Except the helmet/turbans. Because that is another question, which one were they? Check out the photos and you be the judge.

Back in Cabo after our morning dance sesh (which the locals and tourists were both loving)

Matthew and I go on yet another horseback ride down at the resort. For some reason he is continuing to call his horse “El Diablo” all the while I’m thinking es no bueno, es no bueno.

Halfway through, we trade horses (or donkeys, again I’ll let you be judge), right when I’m on top and “El Diablo” gets in line, he gets a nice tasty snack out of Matthew. That’s right, call a horse the devil and he will do devilish things to you. Coincidence or was he hungry? Coincidence or no? #nocoincidences #alwayshungry #avocado🥑

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