Hello Darlings,

Day 6: This morning we woke up to Matthew packing his bags and getting ready to leave. We walked him to the hotel lobby, said our goodbyes and waved as he drove in the taxi to the airport. As Alice and I went to go lay out by the adult pool (where we continue to try to blast music and continue to get shut down) we realize there are pimple like welts all over her feet. Girl what did she get herself into? Our poolside neighbors immediately say, “Those definitely look like chigger bites”. Excuse me, we may not be from the south but there is no need for racism up in here. We ask them again, hear correctly, and Alice is crazy fast googling ‘what is a chigger?’. Well the joke was on her. When you go lay in the sand at night to get ocean therapy, little sand mites crawl out and burrow into your skin…this is where we really don’t need to go into detail other than that I am here to have your back. Whoever is reading this, watch out for the chigger fests. There are way too many going on down here and my little sis’s feet were so swollen — were they feet by the end of last night? Who knows. Just always use protection my loves, from the sun, sand and chiggers.

So I go to dinner by myself to grab a plate of food to bring back to the room, next thing you know because I am in a swimsuit all of a sudden the hotel staff are telling me I have got to put pants on to participate in the meal. Like since when? Jokes on them since my swimmer bum has been on every chair since we arrived here. On a positive note to all you single ladies, don’t worry about ever coming on vacation alone. You will definitely be proposed to 97 times (swimsuit or not) and most likely right after you are standing across the line of the restuarant staring at food. But why have boundaries here? Didn’t we already cross the border? Don’t worry though I just put some shorts on that were the same size as my swimsuit and marched right back over to the buffet and then proceeded to run back to the room like the cartel was after me.

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