Hello Darlings,

Day 7: We leave. You would think it would be that simple, yet it is not. With Alice still suffering from chigger feet and the hotel acting like it is a totally normal thing (again I’ll let you be the judge of that) we showered, dragged brushes through our weaves (well one of us did, yes, you guessed correctly that was not me😬) somehow managed to get everything into our bags in under an hour and made it to the hotel lobby in time to check out. Unfortunately for us, our hotel tour guide tricked us into thinking we were taking our prepaid transportation while loading us into a taxi. After arriving at the airport, we get confronted by the taxi driver for some dollar bills. “What?” we ask politely, “we have our confirmation card here showing we already paid though?!” So much confusion from both parties at this point, not to mention the language barrier. So no joke, if you are in Mexico right now we could possibly be on the most wanted for shorting a taxi driver $5. Total miscommunication. While I was trying to avoid getting stabbed but negotiate the price down to whatever paper I had in my wallet, Alice tried to get us our boarding passes. Here I am now rethinking every purchase I had paid for with cash during our fabulous vacation. Should I have really ridden the horses along the beach seven times; and did I really need that skull with black and gold glitter on it? Was that taco stand really worth it?? Talk about some serious buyers remorse. Little did we know, there is no negotiating with taxi drivers in Mexico. You would think the guy would be happy with an exchange of besos instead of pesos. Im starting to regret not accepting the marriage proposals while I had the chance. Now we are really looking like a pair of fools! Alice runs up with whatever cash is in my wallet, we remove ourselves from the conflict and make our flight. Did I mention by that time we were already starving again? For eating at a buffet all week, it sure never filled us up. We will end up back home muy gordo. Moral of the story, always figure out your transportation, flight, and hotel on your own. Don’t always just trust blindly that a company has your back, because they don’t. Sketchiest situation but I am beyond grateful to have made it safely off that taxi, into the airport and onto our flight in a timely manner. Thank you Mexico and Adios to all the amigos we made along this fine journey.

Oh did I mention the last birthday surprise? Upgrade to first class. YOLO. My little sis had never flown that way, well now she has. Even though they tried to put us in aisle seats I had put up with shenanigans for the day.

Did I also mention we finally got to eat something other than beans and rice? #noavocadoπŸ₯‘

#iflyalaska I was not at all upset to get some healthy well rounded food back into my body. Thanks for reading. We’ll catch ya next week lovelies πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

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