…To All The Hot Mama’s Out There (So 100% Of You Mums) 😍😘❀️

Hello Darlings,

I know you probably just want to rest your head, kick your feet back, and take your day off. Do it. Who is stopping you? The kids? The hubby? The dog? No. Today is for you — you earned it the second you created any kind of life inside of your body. The moment you felt that undying love for another soul. Showed them that your love would never fade, even if their day was a disgrace. When you looked in their eyes, held them in your arms, nuzzled up close, smelt them for the first time and tried to hold onto that smell forever (and yes, I know you just paused and reminisced on the first moment you did that). No judgement. Smell is one of our deepest senses. Most memorable. Doesn’t that make it so beautiful? Remember the smells of baby lotion and powder, clean diapers and fresh wipes, to warm clothes and dirty mud. Growing up to freshly laundered then clothes strewn all over a ‘who knows what that smell is’ bedroom? (Literally couldn’t tell you, I’ll let you still be the judge of that, or wait to find out. Maybe let me come crash for a few days and it might be slightly similar? Again, you choose). To some people their pets are their babies. Raising them as if they did birth them. The way they treat them with such love, care and tenderness, you really wouldn’t know any differently, sometimes I wish to be some people’s pets. For example, if you read about my camel excursion, definitely would rather be a camel right about now πŸͺ🐫. Honestly it’s not about people or animals, pets or camels, what it comes down to is a mother and her endless love. One of the greatest mothers said it best, 

Do small things with great love”

–Mother Teresa

If there is anything at all you can do for your mother this happy day, make it small and filled with your love. Because right now, these are the OMG moments that you will realize she was right about almost everything in your life. When you need her most because everything is lost until your mother can find it. Those moments you wish you could yell at everyone “Because I said so,” just because mum did it and somehow it made people listen. She’s the person you miss most, can’t stand to be around for too long, but would not be on this earth with out. Spread the love today. Let’s get real… home may be where your heart is, but today your heart is home with mum. All it takes is 5 simple words to let her know. 

Spread the love my Darlings, life is short so change their world today. πŸ’–πŸ’πŸ”†

P.S. — Comment and let me know what your favorite thing about Mother’s Day is. If it’s a picture, tradition, favorite memory, or best inside joke: don’t worry it’s not a competition, I just want to hear from my lovelies. Post below or on my Instagram. Either way, let’s spread the love, positivity and energy this blessed day. πŸ˜‡


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