Hello Darlings,

I have absolutely no idea what the rest of you are up to right now, however all I can say is, watch out Havasu because Melissa is here. 

Yes that is me on a boat. What?! Living, loving everything about life right now. The weather πŸ”† the water πŸ’¦ the boat 🚣 (luckily it’s not a rowboat), but seriously I am so grateful for this fabulous vacation I’m on I have to share! It started like this:


Oh what, I can do that? What’s that? Wakeboard. I’m sorry forgot to mention it earlier but yes I can. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ Holla if you’ve got a boat this summer and want to be best friends πŸ€” Wait a minute, I don’t think that’s safe. Stranger danger. Moving back on to not jumping on to random strangers boats, this is the other incredible adventure I got to experience today–

You are correct. Yes that is a FLYBOARD being connected to my feet. Want an even better picture? Don’t worry because it’s coming. 

You got it, that is me swimming out to sea!! Legitimately I promise to play no more games because this may just be the best part. Not only was I on a board, but I flew on that board. Watch the short video below to see what I’m talking about.


THE MOST EXHILARATING EXPERIENCE EVER! No jokes, watch my full experience. 


And for those of you not intrigued enough by the video here are some quick pics of me just cruising at high altitudes on the coolest piece of water equipment I’ve come across. Definitely money worth spending. And you do know that you cannot always say that!

I am over the moon πŸŒ™ with joy to be on another adventure right now. Stay with me all weekend to see what other troubles, tricks, and adventures I get into. Give me your feedback too! What are your weekend plans? Have you ever flyboarded before? And did you even like it? 

This is me waiting to hear back from you while I chill on a boat for the next couple of days.

Get back to me darlings, I cannot wait to hear, xoxo πŸ’•

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