Hello Darlings,

Today I got to experience the beautiful service that goes on at the stables where my beauitful friend Caitlyn so lovingly donates her time, effort and energy, sweat, money and life to animals. The service that she does for this community so unknowingly is just oustanding and literally knocks me off my feet, and blows me away. Caitlyn is rescuing horses from auction on their way to the meat factory (where yes, they will be sold for their meat πŸ˜”) and brings them home to these stables where they are now in a safe environment where they can be loved and taken care of. I got to be a part of that experience today. Heck yes, I’m on a horse in a swimmer. But not just any horse, a beautiful horse that no matter what it has been through, is still here. Is holding me strong. Letting me be a part of its presence. Also, how darling is she? Her blonde mane and everything. Literally just knowing her life was so close to death, but she is here now and I’m just sitting here, riding her bareback. It’s incredible really. 

It is wonderful women, like Caitlyn, in this community who go unrecognized everyday. They fight for others, stand up for them, and stand for these living beings rights, whether human or animal. These women inspire me everyday. And I hope they inspire you too. Spread the joy πŸ”† Enjoy the pics of my day below, until next time loves πŸ’•

Swimsuit credit: @kingdomandstate

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