Hello Darlings,

How was everybody’s 4th of July? Silly question I know. Obviously it was excellent over here in the states because it was America’s Independence Day. It was the day that so many individuals got to celebrate their freedom. Truly give thanks, be happy, spread the love and joy, and really just blow more things up for one day. Were there tons of fireworks? Did extra things accidentally light on fire? Was everyone having a blast? Are we just so blessed to be living in this beautiful land? HECK YEAH to all of the above. My 4th of July was a blast (literally), how about yours?

But don’t, worry everyone. That is not the only reason for this post. My fourth was not only spent by celebrating the land of the free and the home of the brave, in true style…

…it was also spent on one of the best vacations in Cali, with ma girls, for Gingy’s Birthday, anddddd at a Carnival. Did I mention the boys? The BBQ’s? Seriously, much needed vacation. This is why I am so blessed. Not only do I get to celebrate the country that I live in, I love it because I am free to travel and do these fun things, whenever, wherever. And no, my hips don’t lie either.

So we start out the trip for Gingers birthday in San Diego. Trying to beat the heat here in Utah by hitting the waves in California. We hit Carlsbad and ended in Huntington Beach.

In Carlsbad our guy friends BBQ’d for us and won be this adorable unicorn with their basketball skills. Ballin? I think so.

After that, we beached all day…


…I cannot even count how much lobster and fish tacos I’ve eaten since I’ve been here. 1? 7? 23? Also, no one cares. We finished the night on the 4th with fireworks (some of us in more ways than others πŸ˜‰) 8 guys, 4 girls. You do the math. The odds may have been in someone’s favor.

The week moved on and so do we. Somehow there ended up being a slight detour to LA for a dodgers game. How did that happen? Heck, who knows, who cares, because who doesn’t love a good ball game?!

Basically to make a long story short, I came with old friends, a spray tan and perfectly curled hair. I left with incredible memories, new friends and a sunburned bum. Perfect week.

To add one last piece to that, although I may be English, I seriously love America and am so grateful for the insane amount of blessings that are constantly poured upon me for living in this dream of a country. After all my traveling around the world, I can appreciate how wonderful it truly is to live in the USA and I thank God everyday πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ€οΈ


Until next time loves, xoxo πŸ’ž

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