Take a second to think back to the last time you felt completely stress free. Was it on a vacation maybe? A fun long weekend away from all responsibilities? Or maybe it was back when you were 8 years old, and the hardest thing you had to decide was where to ride your bike that day or what friend’s house to play at? 

Now let’s all be 100% honest – Did thinking about the last time you were not stressed out, actually stress you out a little bit? Like, how does it feel to not be constantly under so much pressure? 

Well, there is a silver lining here I promise!

While I can’t solve all your problems that are causing all of your stress, I can offer up an amazing way to cure some of your physical symptoms and help you feel more up to the task of tackling everything your day has in store for you! 

So, what is this incredible solution? My fellow stressed out friends, without further delay, I want to introduce you to my saving grace: The Cocoon! 


Keep reading with me to find out 3 ways The Cocoon helps to relieve your stress!

Three Ways To Relieve Stress with the Cocoon

Calming the Cortisol

So, who out there likes having acne, weight gain in the midsection and the face, thinning hair, extreme fatigue, and trouble sleeping? No one? Cool, that’s what I suspected. But here’s the bad news: having constant stress causes all of these symptoms! Yikes!

The reason stress causes all of these unfortunate physical side effects is due to high levels of cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that the body releases to help deal with high intensity situations, otherwise known as ‘fight-or-flight’. 

In conclusion, we need to find ways to lower our cortisol levels so we don’t have to deal with all those unwanted side effects! Am I right? 


Well, The Cocoon Wellness Pod is your answer! Just one session in the pod for 15 minutes lowers your cortisol levels significantly! Plus, the heat from the infrared lights stimulate relaxation from your core outward, helping to relieve stress and tension and allowing your muscles to loosen up!

So hop on into The Cocoon to say “thank you, next!” to your high cortisol levels and all the dramatic side effects it brings you!


Good Vibrations

Speaking of loosening up, let’s talk about massaging those tired, sore muscles! 

One of the best features of The Cocoon is the massage function! You can change the setting to your liking, to feel the perfect amount of constant vibrations on your back, booty, and legs! 

DSC_0932 2.JPG

Combining vibrational massage with the infrared heat is the best way to allow your body to completely relax, and rejuvenate. Vibrational massage not only enhances your ability to relax, but it also helps to reduce pain in your joints and muscles! Ladies, do you suffer from cramps during your periods? This cocoon will be a time-of-the-month game changer for you! 

Do yourself a favor and come into The Lash Bar to try out the Cocoon for yourself, and feel the good massage vibrations melt away your stress and help you relax! 

Meditation Station 

I for one, am a huge advocate for taking some time every day to meditate and try to peel away all the stressors I deal with! Meditation helps you feel realigned from the inside out, and helps me to conquer everything I need to in my busy schedules. 

And my friends, what better place to do some meditation than inside The Cocoon!? Right?


Just picture it: You lay inside this comfortable padded pod, and instantly feel yourself warming up comfortably from the infrared lights surrounding you. The bed is vibrating underneath you, stimulating your entire body into a loose and relaxed state. The room is dark, and quiet, and you are whisked away into a peaceful state of mind. Here you can meditate towards a more balanced feeling, literally feeling all of your stress melting away.


Meditation inside The Cocoon Wellness Pod can also lead to something that I think everyone can benefit from: a nap! What better way to recharge and destress than enjoying a solitary nap inside a warm, comfortable pod that is massaging you into your sweetest stress-free dreams! I think everyone reading this can agree that a solid 15 minute nap can help any day be more stress free! 

Relieve Your Stress Inside The Cocoon

Stress is something we all deal with constantly, and yet most of us never find the perfect ways to help alleviate the pressure. This is why my discovery of The Cocoon was so life-changing, and I knew I needed to add it to The Lash Bar immediately! 

DSC_0925.JPGDo your stressed out selves a huge favor, and come in and try The Cocoon! I promise you will love it as much as I have, and everyone who has tried it! It is an easy and relaxing solution to help you combat the things that are stressing you out. 

With the help of the infrared lights heating you from your core outward, and the vibrational massage; you will be feeling less stressed after just 15 minutes! 

Come try The Cocoon at The Lash Bar Utah friends! Stress free is the new way to be! 🙂

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