If I take a stomach bug from Africa with me to Mexico, will the Mexican parasites eat the African ones???

Asking for a friend of courseπŸ˜‰

Also is more traveling the best way to get rid of jet lag πŸ˜‚

I kid. I kid.

On the real, I can’t wait to share this house building journey with all of you.

Sad my team isn’t with me this time. It was a dream come true experiencing the last house build with some of my all time fav ladies. My heart exploded watching them serve and love without hesitation.

Almost touching down in San Diego and ready to head to Mexico in the morning. Get those tacos ready, I plan on gaining at least ten pounds. I already eat chips and salsa on the daily so tacos will be the perfect addition. Get ready to learn about the families we will be creating a new home for. In the mean time here’s a little love from my fav build ever πŸ–€

Gracias amigos


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