Asking for a friend of course😉

As you can tell, day 1 of our house build is going real smooth. By smooth I mean, runny. I’m sorry, are you blushing??? Is this TMI?? I don’t even know what overstating or boundaries are anymore. #youarewelcome

On the real, after a few tolls (that we were overcharged for – no, I wasn’t born in Mexico but I can still count😂) we roll up to Ensenada. By roll I mean gangsta style. Potholes, mud, who knows if we were on an illegal road, but that’s none of my business. Whoever brought the Prius might have saved a few dollars on gas but is going to be overspending on the extra damage to the undercarriage. Don’t worry, I know a good body shop, I got you.

So here we are in the middle of the countryside ready to meet the families. My introduction of them will be in English, but at any moment I could slip into a little espanol because it is mui perfecto and once again, that’s just how I roll.

Real talk. It is super humbling being out here. Meeting as strangers and coming together to work hard and serve creates a connection unlike any other. There is something that fills the soul knowing I am doing something for somebody that can never repay me, yet my tank is the fullest when I leave. #oxymoron ?? Once again, I’m winning. I don’t mean that in a savage competitive way, I just mean you never get poor by giving. Think you’re having a bad day? Do something kind for somebody else and then see how you feel. I’m not a neuroscientist but I promise it’s impossible to serve, be grateful, and be miserable at the same time. It’s either/or. That’s the beauty of this life. I get to choose how I feel, you get to choose how you feel.

I’m not saying don’t sit in your sadness or pain (refer to my blog post from Ethiopia if you’re questioning the feels). I’m saying feel everything!!!!! And then shift.

One of my fav parts of the experience with greatness collective is coming together at night and sharing our journeys with each other. Where we came from, where we are going. Who we want to be. I always get so inspired and slightly emotional because it’s so awesome to feel everyone’s love and light and learn how everyone is showing up as powerful creators in this universe.

Speaking of choosing how I feel, with the diarrheas since easters and my montewho even knows the real at this point; it wasn’t ideal using the porta potty 72 times yesterday. But looking back at the “shintebit” from Africa it wasn’t so bad at all.

Choosing to see the silver lining is realizing if you show up to Mexico with diarrhea you don’t have to worry about contracting it so you can eat whatever you want. And yes, I did exactly that. Please don’t ask how many tacos I had I can’t count that high (remember, I don’t have a degree😬) But if you’re wondering if you can gain ten pounds in less than 24 hours even with some extra bathroom breaks, the answer is you can.

Anyways, here is a pic of me actually building the house with one of my besties from a previous house build. Or maybe it’s photoshopped😂

And here is me sneaking off to play with Ezekiel and his two caros, because yes I adore ninos. And can’t wait to adopt 99 of my own one day. Oops, secrets out.

Thank you to the greatness collective for bringing this awesome group of world changers together and creating this perfect experience. Love you long time and I’m coming back on every build! Also. If nobody has told you today, I love you too😘


Some outtakes so you know I actually picked up a 🔨

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