I don’t know what’s going on in the universe but I am feeling all things love🖤

If you’re not, that’s totally perfect. Keep on with the feels flowing at you and embrace them.

I love the universe.

I love you.

I love the opportunity I had to meet with a powerful creator yesterday and just vibe on her podcast.


And since we are on the topic. Here are a few more I was blessed to be in the room with


Yo girl, chill on the pods right now….. umm thanks for the advice but I will…….never. Sharing my light is my gift. I’m a gift giver. If there’s something you deserve come at me and maybe it will find its way to you.

Until then, here’s another one.

The Lisa show at byu! Go blue! And red! And any colour that you fancy because the only team I’m on is your team. I will be your MVP, your biggest supporter, and cheerlead for you all day long. (See below if you don’t believe me)


Your new bestie

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