Such a beautiful opportunity to talk with Brooke Walker on Studio5 ksl about my experience of the beauty industry and how I’ve wanted to create something different.

We empower others by being authentic, living purposefully, and empowering others.

All of these are connected.

If we’re not clear on who we are, how can we be authentic?

If we don’t know what we love, how can we live with passion when we don’t even know what we’re passionate about?

How can we empower others when we are afraid to be vulnerable and create real connection?

The reverse is true

If we become clear on who we are, what our values are, we can be true to ourselves and live authentically and with purpose, which will organically empower others. Life is short, change the world🖤

What are the odds my English friend Alex Boye is on the same day! Check him out for a sneak peak of something exciting he has coming up!

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