Hair is amazing. We can lighten it, darken it, lengthen it or even chippity chop it. And it will always grow back.

However, I am not my hair. (And neither are you my love.)

Nothing on the outside defines us. This can be extra confusing in a world where our outward appearance receives so much love, praise, and validation from others, and can be accomplished in moments. Internal work can takes years. It can also be something that we never receive recognition for. If we allow it, this can also be the most magical.

How many things do we do to get praise from others? How many things do we do to make our heart happy?

The day before my birthday I did a thing. Yes, I say that a lot because I also do things a lot. I know, I know, super original Melissa. Calm yourself this is about to get good. I have always wanted to get dreadlocks in my hair. I remember when I first moved to Utah and my dad and I walked into a t-mobile store (classy, I know. I couldn’t afford Verizon at the time and still can’t. Started from the bottom, still here). Anyway, in the t-mobile store there was a photo of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen with dreadlocks in her hair. I said to my 18 year old self, one day I am going to do that.

Now, to be clear I feel extra grateful for all the different hairstyles I have experienced in my life. I have sported bleach blonde hair as a pixie cut, all the way to 22 inch platinum hair extensions, (get to the point Melissa…..I will). I have felt so differently with each style. That is the beauty of hair, it can change how we appear on the outside, and how we feel about ourselves (and how others feel about us – yes other peoples behaviour is not a reflection of us, but we are all mirrors for each other and that is beautiful). Really though, how cool is that?

How wonderful that we are all here to assist each other on the same planet. How magical that we can be triggered by a behavior, or mannerism from another human being; and although it may be uncomfortable for us, what an opportunity to learn! I always encourage being uncomfortable. The more we learn to be ok being uncomfortable, the bigger our comfort zone gets! Example: some of you know that I enjoy rock climbing, yet I am very afraid of heights. Why do you climb when you don’t like heights you ask??? For the reasons I just said. My experience of being uncomfortable is that has created major growth in my life.

I am always looking for ways to expand my comfort zone, so here is to rocking a hairstyle that I had never seen before in Utah, or anywhere that I had traveled in the world. Don’t worry, I try everything at least 17 times, just to make sure I am clear on how I really feel about it.

The inspiration came to me a week before my 35th birthday when my beautiful friend Ari asked what kind of a cake I wanted and I said without hesitation, “a unicorn cake. In fact I want to be a unicorn.” Somebody must have been reading my mind (or my texts) because the next sponsored ad that popped up was for dreadful hippie.

I reached out and they had a cancellation pop up the day before my birthday. What better present to get myself than to ask for unicorn hair. I told them to do their thing, and left feeling on cloud nine. I posted a picture on facebook that received some controversial comments, and I realised that at a time like this all I could do was be true to myself. I sent love and light (and kisses) to my haters, and went back to meditating.

Here is said photo

My experience of having dreadlocks was incredible. I felt empowered knowing that I was doing something for me that I had always wanted (obviously with a full send). Me loving me, and me loving my hair was incredible feeling. Somebody else even liking it was a bonus!

Through all the uncertainty, and change going on in the world, I could always count on a little child yelling, “look mum, her hair” and getting a few laughs in each day. I always tell people, I may not be here for a long time, but I am definitely here for a good time. And a good time was had by all in the presence of the unicorn.

I am grateful for my unicorn hair that itched like a little B so badly and wouldn’t stop scratching my face so I decided to take it out Saturday. Happy one month anniversary to me; bye dreadlocks. Taking them out was quite a process, a team of talented individuals at

Evee lead the event and Zarra was kind enough to step in and out to assist. I enjoyed a nice scalp and olaplex treatment – (don’t worry, we got a nice airbrush tan in while my hair was soaking up the olaplex), and almost cried when my head was being itched, it was divine! The icing on the cake was seeing my natural wet hair air dry, and feeling like I lost ten pounds of weight from my head. Thank you for your service dreadlocks, it is time for the raw me.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am back!!!

Speaking of raw, my fingers are bleeding from typing so much.

But don’t worry (or do), I have lots more to share with you of my incredible journey this year and things that are coming up. So I won’t wait this long in between posts next time.

My challenge to you (between now and the next time I post) is to be aware of what makes you feel uncomfortable. Then sit by yourself for a few moments and be curious why you are uncomfortable.

You are all incredibly beautiful humans and already look stunning on the outside. Honor that, celebrate it even. And also honor your most beautiful soul that is YOU.

Give yourself a moment to sit in your feelings and accept whatever they are for you right now! (More yummy goodness about this on the next post).

Thank you for your external beauty.

Thank you for your internal magic, that ripples abundantly from your soul.

Cheers to both.

I see you and I love you.

Authentically me


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