Ladies and gentlemen, we are on our way to Africa!

By on our way, I mean sitting down on a curb in LA because all the bloody restaurants are closed for dine in and you know your girls gotta eat.

Stopped in at Kreation organic for some spicy cauliflower Buffalo and fresh pressed juice and yes I’m satisfied.

How was the journey to LA you (didn’t) ask? Well let me tell you!

You’ll want to be sitting down for this, or I will, because my 60 pound bag on my back has been crushing my spine all day. No way am I checking a bag of personal belongings for $200; I will carry a bag on my back and a backpack on my front! We checked a few bags with donations so Don’t worry kids, your donations will all be going to good use once we arrive in Lusaka!

Back to the airport, as my cutie little friend Des and I precede to check in, the jet blue (delta – sorry I cheated on you but if you only flew to Lusaka) representative asks us for our covid test results. I hand him mine and your girl fumbles and stumbles and tries to pull something up online and said it wasn’t loading. GIRLFRAN, no test results??? Omg why didn’t you tell me yesterday??? I could have photoshopped you a test or two. They said she couldn’t get on the plane, so I would have to go without her. After showing some (non-existent) cleavage (jokes duh) and promising to take her for a rapid test in LA, we made a deal. After booking it through the airport and hearing our name over the speaker multiple times; a sweaty melissa and dry Des arrived to the gate to a closed door. This time we didn’t have to show any skin they just reopened it and welcomed us with open arms🤪

Some kettle corn popcorners made up for deltas bite size rice Kristy treats on my flight two days ago. Sorry delta but JetBlue has just leveled up. With unlimited snacks that were grown up size and the nicest humans on board checking to make sure we had enough snacks; and a few coloring books, we arrived at LAX in no time!

My beautiful friend Emily suggested a place for a rapid test and Des got her negative results back in 15 minutes! picked us up and took us to get some fresh juice!!!

Hold please while we sip on this goodness and eat these spicy Buffalo cauliflower delights………..


Unfortunately there’s been a bit of a hiccup in the travel plans. Let’s just call today 50 shades of Melissa because I have experienced all 50 (minimum) emotions today.

After not being able to find my wallet in Venice I preceded to say some swear words, try to stay calm, and then when mama Tanya FaceTimed me I just couldn’t hold it in anymore and just started sobbing. This little wallet of mine held all of my credit cards, my drivers license, passport, and of course a blank check for every account I own 🙈

Don’t worry I’m already super embarrassed, and have been shaming myself for losing it, so you don’t have to. After digging through every trash can within blocks of the juice bar; (classy I know) of course with the best support team in the industry, Des, Emily and I decided it was long gone. We phoned every passport agency, tried to make arrangements to get in for an emergency appointment and also tried to communicate with the airline on what possible options are. Apparently humanitarian trips are not as urgent as covid so the wait times was six weeks. A million years later and constantly thinking about how I am letting down the organization we are going with, my incredible friend Des and these beautiful girls we are going to love on; we made it back to the airport. The airline said they could change our flight but had no idea to when. I felt lost and beyond frazzled and decided to phone mama one more time. She suggested reaching out to senator mitt Romney’s office. A quick phone call and explanation of our travel plans started with a phone call to the office I had contacted ten times previously and ended with an appointment for 7 am Tuesday and a rescheduled ticket for a flight out Wednesday.

We rented a vehicle, booked a hotel and got our flights rebooked for Wednesday.

On our way to the rental car we were dropped off at the wrong spot, so we walked over a mile with 5 bags in the middle of the road😂 Today could be it’s own series of a reality to show.

After talking to every bank, credit card and credit union, and finding out our little thief has a TJmaxx addiction, we found a little taco shop and sat and are tacos on the sidewalk. Yes California is as moody as errrrrybody says. Nowhere to connect and be a human. People are gloomy and the vibe feels super low. Yes I’m feeling all of it.

Ending the night FaceTiming my nephews and doing pow wow (them asking what was something that made us happy, something that made us sad, and then another happy moment) legit made my heart full again. Also you can’t tell me this isn’t a sign I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Yes it’s the last four digits of my phone number

I’m grateful for so many things today: my cutie nephews reminding me what’s most important, Mama Tanya saving the day, super supportive friends (Emily, amy and Penny), Des being so flexible with my ridiculousness today, a cute guy being the sweetest, a warm hotel room to stay in, beautiful music to ground me, FaceTiming my fav boys in utah (Nate & justin), thank you to Jason for the unreal #btr dream travel setup that has saved my life so many times 🙌🏻, the fact that nobody was hurt today, the ability that my body has to carry a big ass bag all around LA. I’m grateful for so many things and yes I am extra grateful for YOU🙏🏼

I had so many emotions today, and I’m feeling all of them.

What are you grateful for today???

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  1. Holy shit girl! I can’t believe what I just read! Praying you’re safe and u get on a flight to Africa . 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️

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