Woke up at 4 am tossing and turning trying to rack my brain at what I can do to be proactive and get my belongings back. Wishful thinking pretty lady???? Follow along and you will find out!

A magical morning walk on the beach and incredible meditation grounded me🙏🏼

I always say everything is the perfect experience, and I totally believe that. I feel like sometimes I’m left searching for a reason why something happened and I honestly can’t think of one in this particular situation. Maybe that’s the point. Knowing makes me feel safer, like I didn’t mess up, like there’s a hidden meaning behind everything! However what if the point is to just be. Maybe there isn’t a reason why this happened, it just happened and that’s ok. Expecting perfection from myself will only lead to disappointment.

We are all beautiful humans with so many complexities inside of us, how can we possibly be defined by one small action. When we are in the moment one action can overwhelm us and seem so grandiose. However one behavior can in no way define us. I am my own worse critic. Anybody could phone me at any moment and share something “hard/painful/sad” and I would say give yourself some grace and compassion. Yet I don’t always do that for myself.

Grace and compassion are free and available to us. The universe is abundant and overflowing with gifts for us.

I don’t have to take ten steps back because of this experience, I can March on still believing humanity is beautiful, kind and good.

Speaking of humans being kind and good. My walk on the beach created the idea to go to the motel one of my credit cards was used at. I would offer to buy whatever they needed and then in return they would just hand over my passport and drivers license, After phoning a few friends to get some feedback (on another one of my great ideas), the consensus was don’t go alone. Penny said walk along Washington street and flag down a police officer. Nate said we couldn’t get matching tattoos but matching stab wounds would be rad😂

Honestly this photo is making this motel look way less sketchy than it was

After phoning the police, the lady said that motel has a horrible reputation and it’s just safer if I don’t go. She said I wouldn’t go anywhere near that place even with a police officer! I asked if I would get stabbed and she said I’m honestly not sure, so she said a police officer could go with me. The instructions were stay in my car when I got there and let the police officer come to me, we met the police officer and he was so kind, he let me talk to the gentleman at the front about the $598 charge (did they buy a room for a year there??? 😂😬🙈)

Me: I’m not here to cause any trouble I just am wondering if I can get my passport and drivers license back from whoever checked in here, I’m happy to give them money for whatever they need I just am dying to get to Africa.

Sir at the motel: umm I don’t know what you’re talking about, no one has ever made a charge that high here.

Me: are you sure? I promise I’m not mad I just would love to get my stuff back and be on my way. I don’t want to press charges just go on my trip.

Police officer: let’s go. You’ve done everything you can, you’re not getting anywhere with anyone here.

I mean my friends were right. Why would anyone give me my ID for me offering them money. They already had everything they needed, all my money🤪 They didn’t need me.

On the real the police officer was super kind and not jaded in the slightest. He didn’t act like I was an idiot for trying although I’m honestly not sure why, The stuff I’ve seen over the last few days is more than I want to. So why was he not a savage???

Utah you’ve softened me. I wish I could unsee, unhear, and unfeel the low vibration I have experienced here. This mask thing is out of control but we are all missing the point. We are here to connect, to uplift, to come together. This city is forcing the opposite and it’s not a good look.

It makes me sick to even type this but at the intersection today a grown man took his pants off and went number two in front of us🙈 His booty facing the audience he took some aggressive wipes and I think I threw up in my mouth. What is going on here??? Everyone is so focused on staying alive and how difficult/expensive it is to do that here, but if everybody looked outwards to see what could be done for someone else. This city would be different in a week.

Oh LA I used to dream of living here and now I would give my left arm to leave you (I was going to say passport and bank accounts, but you jack wagons already took that 😂)

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