Since I had such good luck yesterday with my investigatory skills (jokes sirrrrrr) I figured the next best option would be to head into the federal government building at my allotted 7 am appointment time. I’ve had quite a few people ask what happened since day 1. Again I apologize the endorphins, sweat, fear and tears mixed all over and inside of my body had me up in all sorts of confusion. If my post was in full English that evening I feel like I deserve a prize. That being said I will back up and make a long story even longer (you are welcome) When I realised we initially did not have wallet and belongings in our possession my guardian angel Emily phoned the passport office. After being told I was making up a story umm sir, why (in the h e double hockey sticks), would anybody take the time to look up your digits, wait on hold, and then be passed around a million times to tell a story over and over again. Another (NOT gentle)man said he couldn’t help us because my ticket was for that day and they couldn’t possibly get me a passport the same day. I then had to prove I had another ticket purchased even though I wasn’t booking a new flight until I was clear I could get on an airplane. After being passed around and phoning back 8 times trying to get a new agent, I was finally told we nothing was going to happen because it wasn’t a covid thing, If I said it was they said they would help me but I am not a liar and I told them that. They said average 6-8 weeksfor an appointment.

Emily took us back to the airport to try and get our bags before they were off to another continent without us. We cancelled our flights and mama T facetimed and told me to phone Senator Romneys office. I explained through some tears that I lost my passport and we were traveling with a humanitarian orzganization and withing minutes somebody else phoned me back, had me sign a release of information page and had me an appointment first thing Tuesday at 7 am. They could have done it that day but by that point the businesss day was over, the net two days were the weekend and Mondy was a holiday – MLK

Needless to say, I went to my appointment, got all the paperwork filled out and returned at 1 pm to pick it up!!!! If you ever need a passport phone Senator Romneys office (or don’t, because if it happens to me again I don’t want the phones to be all clogged up).

Happiest day since I arrived in LA.

Let’s be real, besides connecting, laughing, and sweating with one of my fav humans Emily at F45. And yes we ate at flower child for the 3rd time in a row. Their kale salad has me drooling just thinking about it. Friends and food are the best. I am grateful for the close uplifting gems I have in my life, and for all the delicious, nutritious food I shoved in my face while here. Other than that I legit could have done without this long ace LA stint.

Now, off to Africa…

By off to Africa I mean a 16 hour flight to Dubai, 7 hour layover and then 8 hours to Lusaka. I feel exhausted just typing that.

Catch you honeys on the flip side

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