And I’m not sure if I want to leave here.

I say this every time I come here. There’s something magical about the simplicity of life here. Yes, the pain and suffering are unimaginable. And it’s not in hiding here, it’s out in front of your face daily. It’s i. the faces of the people walking by on the street with clothing and shoes that don’t fit. It is deep in the eyes of the emaciated children with malnourished belly’s. It’s on the faces of the women carrying a few gallons of water on their head, a baby on one hip and another container of water in the opposite hand.

The pain is real and raw and unescapable.

But so is the beauty

And the joy

And the smiles

Oh the smiles here are the most incredible.

People here are genuinely happy. Yes you read that correctly.

Nobody has a designer purse, a fancy car, or a 20,000sf house. They have each other and they are grateful for life, breath and God.

When was the last time you complained about something silly.

These women are happy to wake up at 4 am to do chores, sweep, clean the house and fetch water. Starting at age 8 the girls walk miles to fetch water in the morning. If the pump isn’t broken they return with it on their head. If it is broken they return empty handed. When was the last time you had to leave your home to fetch water for you and your family?

When was the last time you walked two hours to school and two hours back?

You have to leave school by 5 because if you’re caught out in the dark the bandits can stop you and rape you on the spot.

It that’s too harsh for your ears to hear imagine how harsh it is for these women that are living it. If you don’t obey you will probably be stabbed.

The day we arrived a girl was raped four times and murdered in the village one of the girls lives in.

The pain is deeper than just wanting for food, clothing and shelter. It is real trauma they qhave and will continue to experience.

You can look away, stop reading, or unfollow me if this is too uncomfortable for you to read, but the beautiful people here can’t escape.

The way of life here is hard to comprehend even seeing ( a very small sliver) with my own eyes.

My heart feels so full of love and is overflowing, yet at the exact same time I’m completely heartbroken.

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