Two flights down. Flight from Bucharest to chisinau was sold out so we got picked up in a van and are being driven to the children’s home! Children’s home sounds so much more lovely than an orphanage: it sounds cozy, inviting and safe. However the reason these children are here is because they left the opposite of that. I am learning so much about what is really going on over here and to say it is heartbreaking is an understatement. This is a genocide. No I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, we are currently being driven along a bumpy road in the dark (and I am trying not to pee myself). The heat and sweating in the van is good for the soul and body. Getting rid of all the toxins from the overeating in the airport lounges. Yes I’ve been emotionally eating😬. The lack of air conditioning or any flow has knocked Sweet Angel Candace out so she is finally sleeping as she hasn’t had a break since the moment we connected. Or maybe it’s my stale stench that knocked her out, I sure am ripe 🙈. On the phone 24/7 creating evacuations of children, families, and special needs children that were left behind; so I will let her rest. Her master planning is unreal, she is an incredible connector and I don’t know how she does all of this. She is a powerful woman, yet her words will pierce your soul as she speaks about the travesties and what she has seen with her own eyes. As she speaks through a crackled voice and constant coughing – the aftermath of the smoke from bombs everywhere in Ukraine; her words are tender and kind, but real and raw. I think to myself why are we not doing more over here?? Why are we ok climbing in our warm beds at night and complaining about gas prices when people here are being BURNED ALIVE and starved to death. No I’m not exaggerating. They need oxygen and the Russian army has denied access, they need food and it is the same, they are also being denied. They need compassion and they need love, which is what all of us need. But their basic needs are being denied and it doesn’t sit well with me.
Back to the children’s home – yes that is what I will be referring to an orphanage as, even though it isn’t warm or cozy to be in one. These children have been separated from their families, removed from their mothers arms. Can you imagine going about your day at home when suddenly, and without warning your city or street is being bombed??? You yell for your little ones to run as fast as they can, not to send them away from you but to ensure they make it to safety. Pushing and shoving them out of the door, yelling and screaming to RUN. I hope you don’t have the mental capacity to actually imagine that, I also hope you don’t actually have to experience this. But for so many families in Ukraine it is too late.
And it is still happening.
I can’t wait to get to the children’s home to love on these kiddos, my heart is already breaking for the madness that is such an awful reality. One that as Americans, we are so far removed from.
So as you climb into your warm cozy bed tonight; as you hug your littles instead of screaming for them to get to safety; send your thoughts and prayers to those that aren’t so lucky. Say a prayer of gratitude for something that bothered you today, because at least you had the luxury of being bothered. Say a prayer for all those involved with Exitus and all the other humanitarian organizations out here putting themselves in harms way to make a difference.
🤍life is short, change the world🤍

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