Good morning, good morning lovelies. And happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸

One of the beautiful things about America, is that we get to exercise our freedom!!! Cheers to writing a blog post, sleeping in, being able to eat and drink whatever we want today (or not eat, as I am on a water fast-but we will save that juiciness for another day).

What a treat to be able to go on good things Utah no makeup segment yesterday.

I feel the most authentically me with my hair air dried and no makeup on. However it hasn’t always been like this for me. When I started out in the beauty industry in 2012 I was full on. I had hair extensions, airbrush tans every week, and typically didn’t go to the gym with without my hair curled. Heads up; no judgement at all to anyone on any part of their journey. I honor you wherever you are🤍 I am just so loving that we are embracing our natural beauty. Because this is the magic✨ How we feel about our raw selves when we get out of the shower and sit with our beautiful body is more important than how fabulous we can look with makeup or any outfit.

The years of personal development, coaching, yoga, medication, talk therapy, plant medicine, and shadow work, have allowed me to love all of me. Even the parts I used to fight against for so long🤪.

So now I choose easy.

I get out of the shower and let my hair air dry, instead of fighting against it with a blow dryer and a straightener. And as I walk out of my home (typically without shoes🤪) I’m too grounded with a fierce knowing of who I truly am. And that it NEVER had anything to do with how I look in the first place! So wear the fun clothes AND I hope you feel the magic and beauty of YOU in your rawest, purest form bbs. Now let’s get real vulnerable for a sec. If you’re open to sharing, I would love to hear how you feel with or without makeup!

Here’s the link for all of you (not) asking😉

Peep a lil bts 🎥 because you know your girl had to get a dance in on set 🤪 Would you expect anything less from me though?

Back to the real reason we’re here. No, not my dance moves, although if that is why you’re here then speak up and show yourself so I can personally send you more dance videos for free. You’re welcome 😉

We are here because as empowering as it may have been for people to see a show with no makeup. It’s a lil wild to me how backwards we are. What nurtures our body and mind and soul, and what calms our nervous system – us stripping down and being the most authentic us, while celebrated sometime, is rare. Our norm in society is photo shopped campaigns and hiring a makeup artist before we take a photo. Again I’m not knocking makeup or photo shoots. We are so complex as humans that we are all of it. Some days I wear no makeup and some days I like to wear a sexy dress and heels and go to Flemings. It’s all a part of me. I am simply stating the wildness of societal expectations for women. My experiences (and again I honor yours). Is how damaged our nervous systems are because we put so much pressure and stress on ourselves to be a certain way.

What if instead of more, more, more, buying more, doing more, being more, we decided to take the rest of our lives to calm our nervous system. What if we stopped buying into the hype and decided to slow down. I don’t mean stop doing anything. I just mean START doing everything with such intention that we are literally dripping with joy, magic and love. And the cool thing is, it doesn’t cost anything. You didn’t have to spend any money, buy anything, or sign up for something. You just slowed down enough to start SEEING. Truly seeing. And when you are able to really open your eyes like this. Holy shit your mind will be blown. Because you will see how beautiful you truly are. All the magic and love and joy you see around you is you. Everything is a mirror for you. You perfect, beautiful human being. You weren’t ever doing anything wrong, and no my love, you didn’t need to buy anything to feel it. You just opened your eyes enough to truly see.

And damn you’re gorgeous.

With or without makeup 😘

Ps how cutie are their outfits from albionfit??

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No makeup segment on good things Utah

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