You have stolen my heart and gushed the life back into me with all of the adventures I have already experienced here.

From kiteboarding in Paracas, to sand boarding in Huacachina, this Country is boardspoarts heaven.

After arriving in Lima, we were taxid to meet our incredible friend Rafael of intorno campers. We had the pleasure of taking his beautifully built out van with us on our journey. He thought of everything!! And with plenty of room in the back I can just pull out the tray with my Kite bag on it! It’s made traveling so easy!!! I was dreading having to take everything in and out of a car each night to stay at different hotels along our treck, so having everything in the van and just going to sleep in there at night was a treat.

Click here to check out our van!!!

Upon arrival I got really sick and ended up with bronchitis so things have shifted from our original plan. I’ve been really sweaty and tired and have slept in layers and been sweating through them in the night🤪 I know, the sexiest image of your life. You’re welcome. However, we all know I pride myself on authenticity and that won’t ever change.

So backing up to day one, we picked up the van and I drove to Paracas. On the way we stopped so I could take a nap. I only slept an hour the night before leaving, and a few hours on the plane. I woke up drenched in sweat – come to find out later, this was the beginning of the sickness🙈 We ate dinner with the cutest family in their home close by the nap spot and then drove in the dark to Paracas!

I ended up close to the national reserve and was about to go to sleep when theee cutest little Peruvian man knocked on my window and showed me a pic of myself. He was talking extremely fast but I figured, why not follow him. He will either lead us to our death or show us a better spot to camp for the night. Luckily it was the latter and we ended up behind a gated spot camping right on the beach next to tons of flamingos! Thanks again Rafael for letting your friends know we were heading there. We have been so looked after and kept safe this whole entire trip!!

Woke up the next day to a flock of flamingos a few steps from our van AND wind….. in the off season 🤯 Someone has been listening to my prayers 😉 Time to get a kite session!! Are you kidding me?? Kiting with flamingos is next level. I’ve probably seen one in real life at the zoo but not in their natural habitat. Paracas has a national reserve and these beautiful pink birds are protected here! It’s so cute how they look like they’re dancing when they stir up their food. Pretty birds 🦩🦩🦩

Kait took her first kite lesson from Kangaroo kite and Iuri was her instructor! Def recommend kiting here! It’s one of the top ten spots in the world, and man the wind is smoooth! Coming from gusty hood river was def a change, but hood river is a whole vibe in itself but we will get into that on another post✨ Back to kangaroo kite! For 10 soles ($2.73) they have an air compressor that pumps up your kite, a whole crew that will launch and land you, AND you can take a hot shower when you’re done! I skipped the compressor which seemed to confuse them, but for some reason I love pumping up my kite. It’s a whole experience and part of the magic of going out to kite. I didn’t get a hot shower as I was wiped out from being sick – turns out it might actually be Covid when I thought it was bronchitis, but that’s none of my business🤪.

Staying in the van on the beach and waking up again to flamingos was absolutely unreal!! We couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the trip, Kait enjoyed kiting so much that we ended up extending our trip a few days so she could get more lessons in and maximize the incredible wind! Thanks kangaroo kite for the great experience!

After a few days there we headed to our next stop! And once again, Rafael had us dialed with the perfect place!!! Where do you think we go to next???

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