Hello darling,

Yes you. King or queen who is braving the beautiful world we live in and stepping foot in this magical kingdom. This is the part where we get to know each other – or rather, I get to share the raw, unfiltered magical experiences and you can see if anything resonates with you. This is where I share my darling life. Yes, that’s how all of this started. I have been saying hello darling for years, and I truly believe I am living a darling life. And you can too!! So Don’t turn back now, things are just starting to get interesting. We will begin and end with the basics, because let’s face it. Who really wants to know the smallest deets? Nobody. That’s right. You will get all the cliff hanging, belly rolling laughter, shoulda/coulda/woulda be love stories from this entire blog.

Basically I go to the gym to take selfies to justify my sugar addiction. Don’t even brush my hair, because let’s face it, ain’t nobody got time for that, it’s called job security for hairstylists. I love having the bed to myself because nothing is better than having an entire bed sheet to use as a napkin after dinner #dontmindthecrumbs. I choose to not ruin the fun for you now by telling you what color lipstick I wear on the regular (although let’s face that head on together and just say it’s obviously fabulous, makes my lips luscious and I can assure there actually will be a post about every different color lipstick I put on my face) but that we can save that for a cozy, rainy, lay in bed kind of day. Also jokes on you because it is always the same color😬. Life is too good to not have everything that you want. People settle for normal way too often, and there are so many incredible experiences to be a part of, I’m just trying to soak them all in. So join me on these crazy adventures that I can already tell you are dying to hear about. Read on to become a part of my dreams #avocado🥑

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