Hello Darling is not just another beauty brand. We are a luxury, quality brand at a competitive price. Our aim is to have the highest standards and the most innovative products on the market. 
But we are not just about sales though. We are a company looking to build a community. We want to be with you from the beginning and always be a source to lean on as you grow in your career. From our advanced trainings, mentorships, and after-training support groups.
And we don’t stop there!  Hello Darling is a brand wanting to give back! Through product sales and service we will help via various charities. Click here to learn more about our service chapter.
We look forward to getting to know and helping you! Please reach out if we can help in any way!

Melissa Watts


Melissa Watts is an activator of energy. Born just outside of London, England, Melissa then moved with her family to Washington state and eventually landed in Utah after graduating high school. She began her journey as a professional musician in Washington, and after 8 years of door to door sales, became an entrepreneur, philanthropist, yoga teacher, and energy healer.  She has come to share this gift with so many throughout the world. The Lash Bar is just another extension of this. Melissa wanted to create a space that was different in the beauty industry, which can be so outwardly focused. She wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of as a whole.

The Lash Bar was created to uplift and empower women locally and internationally. Partnering with over a dozen different humanitarian organizations, Melissa has spent time in Ghana, Zambia, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Cambodia, Ukraine, Ethiopia, and recently took the Lash Bar team to Mexico for a house build. Melissa has built a great foundation for love and service. She continues to harness the energy in the universe using reiki, sound bowls, music, and body movement to create healing. Hello Darling is another step forward in continuing the passion, love, and magic she has created wherever she goes. After a recent trip to Zambia Melissa saw a need to feed the children in Mwembeshi village in Zambia and decided to partner with a non-profit in Zambia to create a feeding program! Part of the proceeds from The Lash Bar and Hello Darling products go directly to this program every month. If you’re looking to make a difference, grow together and be a part of one of the best brands in the industry, you’ve come to the right place. Remember, life is short, change the world.

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