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Hello Darlings,

Let us get real deep, honest and down to earth for a moment… obviously this page is all about me. But that is why you are here. To share my most special experiences. What I learn daily, where I have been in the past, my super fun travels, my awesome life – girl don’t make me go on for days about it. But the keyword there was share. Sharing is caring, so that’s what I’m here for. Every week I feel as though we deserve to share these experiences together. And that is exactly why am here. So let us grab ahold, take hands, jump in – mi vida es tu vida. Bienvenidos! Let’s go!

Melissa Watts is an activator of energy. Through her journey as a professional musician, entrepreneur, philanthropist, yoga teacher, and shaman, she has come to share this gift with so many throughout the world. The Lash Bar is just another of extension of this. Melissa wanted to create a space that was different in the beauty industry. The beauty industry can be so outward focused, so we wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of as whole. The Lash Bar was created to uplift and empower women locally and internationally. Partnering with over a dozen different humanitarian organizations, and taking the team to Mexico for a house build has built a great foundation for love and service. Melissa continues to harness the energy in the universe using reiki, sound bowls, music, and body movement to create healing🀍

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  1. Today I got my lashes done and I have to thank the amazing kacie for doing them. I am in love, she did such an amazing job!! I will for sure be coming back and having her do anything I need done. She is fantastic at what she does! Thanks kacie for giving me amazing extensions!

    1. Hey Cheyenne! I am so happy to hear you love your lashes! Way to go Kacie!!! It makes my heart soar when I hear such a happy review like this. She will most definitely be getting this message and I can’t wait to see you back in the salon darling πŸ’•

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