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Hello Darling Brand

Brow Lamination Kit

Brow Lamination Kit

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Beautiful Brows are just a few steps away. Give your client fuller and 'set in place' brows that last for weeks. Like our lash lift kit, our Brow Lamination includes airless pump bottles. These bottles make the lamination process a breeze and keeps your product fresh. Our formula is fast but gentle, giving you beautiful results for your clients.

The Hello Darling Brow Lamination Kit includes:

*6.5ml Cleanser

*6.5ml Lamination lotion

*6.5ml Fixing lotion

*6.5ml Nourishing Oil

*Hello Darling Brow Lift Adhesive

*Mascara Brushes

*Micro Swabs

*Lip Brushes

This Kit can be used for up to 20 treatments.  Suggested service price is $100.

20 treatments x $100=$2,000 in potential income.

Shelf Life for unopened product is 1 year. 

For Professional Use Only.



Water; Antioxidant 618; Aloe vera extracts.

Lamination Lotion:

Water; Ammonium thioglycolate; Cetyl alcohol; Octadecanol; Hexdaecyltrimethylammonium chloride;2-Ethylhexyl palmitate; Ethanol; Glyceryl stearate; Ceteareth-30; Isopropanol; PEG-45 stearate phosphate; 1, 1’-Oxydi-2-propanol; Diammonium dithiodiglycolate; Ethanolamine; Dimethicone; Ammonium hydroxide; Ammonium bicarbonate; Essence; Pentasodium pentetate.

Fixing Lotion:

Water; Hydrogen peroxide; 1, 1’-Oxydi-2-propanol; Cocamidopropyl betaine; Polyquatemium-6; Phosphoric acid; PPG-5-Ceteth- 10 Phosphate; Tetrasodium etidronate; Disodium phosphate dodecahydrate.

Nourishing Oil:

Aloe vera extracts; High fibrillary active protein.

Brow Glue:

Water; Acrylate copolymer emulsion; Propylene glycol; Nitrocellulose; Sodium dehydroacetate; Butylated hydroxytoluene.



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